What's Textile Facades

Textile facade is a new category in screens and fabric architecture used on exterior facades of buildings. It can be easily applied on both old and new buildings, and used for many structure types from industrial buildings to malls, stadiums and housing structures. Textile Facade coating applications are carried out by applying statically resistant and guaranteed import textile products of ETFE materials or textile materials including flat (closed), PVC, MESH, PTFE (Teflon) Laminated and/or mesh by aluminum and/or specially-designed tensioning apparatuses, special to the steel construction designed for facade, during or after constructing the building.

These systems, which are used in line with the necessities of sunshade function, shading and heat insulation, and light permeability that must be perceived differently from inside and outside (night-day, inner-outer, distant-close appearance), are also attractive with their convenience of application and their economic costs.