Bursa City Crocodile Arena Stadium

This project, undertaken by the Municipality of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is representative of many firsts among the stadiums built in Turkey. Consisting of steel ropes and "compression ring" white PTFE mounted on the working console with the principle of membrane systems, interior (PVC mesh) and the outer green shell (colored PTFE) and is also a perfect combination of colored PTFE mesh material combination used in the facade. All of the membranous cover types were produced in our factory in Tekirdag and the assembly was done by the skilled and experienced teams of Tensaform Company.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has worked in this stadium which is Turkey's and the face of the world.


Project Informations

Type Arch
Market Sector Sports Facilities
Fabric Type PTFE
Location Turkey
Project Size 65000
Completion Date 2016