Project Consulting

In general, we are making our designs by adopting the principles of aesthetics, functionality, safety and economy with the guidance of the project owners who do not have sufficient information about the reinforced concrete and steel structures to be used as infrastructure, along with membrane shell and the forms it might take. We offer you these designs as 3D visuals in various formats.

We recommend you our 3D model library to give you a foresight on structural designs of textile architecture. You may make your assessment based on the topics related to the functions and aesthetic membrane structures in your mind.

After deciding on the form and structure in terms of design, preliminary statical analyses and sizing studies are carried out by our engineers in order to obtain more realistic approaches in terms of the work area, steel and membrane quantities, support reactions and reinforced concrete foundation qualities.

The detail studies are shaped with the guidance of the project owners regarding the structure designed based on the options and methods for co-functioning of steel, aluminum, rope and accessories and textile material, and on the conditions of material, ergonomics, aesthetics and economy. Click for some integration detail examples.

In some of our projects, we express our quality and the significance we put on the work to be performed through the mock-ups we prepare and physically install in place in order to show the project owners how the entire textile structure will look, its detail quality, functionality, material type, and how it will be perceived on a human scale. Therefore, the project owners get an idea about the result of the work to be carried out.

We work together with project owners to select the materials that suit their needs and functions the most based on their advantages and disadvantages by deciding on membrane PVC, PTFE, ETFE materials of various qualities, brands and features in accordance with the characteristic and economic expectation of the project, special requests of project owners, and the span specified and the statical requirements of the membrane structure. We recommend the materials of guaranteed and reliable manufacturers like Ferrari, Mehler, Verseidag, Sherfill.

We are preparing project-specific PVC, PTFE, ETFE membrane cover + steel structural specifications according to the benefits of the public organizations or legal entities to go out to tender, within the framework of the rules of competition and fairness, that suit the significance, economy and technical sensitivity of the work to be performed, by taking the TSE and/or international norms into consideration to work with the right companies.

The consulting duties of our experienced and professional project officers include process planning as per the physical size, manufacturing quality and standards, assembly process and climatic and environmental factor of the project, and predictive planning of the supply, manufacturing, transportation and assembly statuses of the materials included by this process according to the benefits and expectations of the project owners.

One of the most important duties of our professional marketing team is to prepare offers in accordance with the budget expectations and collaboration of the project owners by carrying out realistic price analyses for any structural membrane cover + steel projects developed/not developed by us, with general or specific criteria determined (quantities, amount, material, process, quality, division of labor), and having/not having a specification.